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Allenspark Area Club

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The Allenspark Area Club was created in 1972 "for fellowship and community betterment". To that end, the club is open to all for membership and creates an opportunity for a social gathering and nutritious meal each month. The meetings also provide programs on events of interest to the community. The Club partners with Boulder County to arrange for beneficial community events by recruiting volunteers to provide for some of the following services:

Diversion day on behalf of Boulder County (formerly Roll Off Day) - This event collects numerous materials for recycling, diverting them from the landfill. This is part of the county's Zero Waste initiative.

Highway Cleanup Day - We clean up a section of the highway, between Allenspark and Estes Park.

Additionally, the Club also supports several philanthropic activities in the Allenspark and Estes Park areas. See below:

Scholarships - The AAC Scholarship assists committed students in their educational goals by providing grants. In the Area Club was able to present scholarship funds to several deserving students.

The Allenspark Fire Department - As in past years we honored our fire department personnel and their families by inviting them to be our guests at our August picnic. This event is also used to raise funds for the fire department.

July 4th Community Picnic at Highlands Presbyterian Camp - We contribute donations towards the food for this event attended by hundreds of Allenspark and Estes Valley community residents.

During the Cal-Wood fire in 2020, the Allenspark fire department, found out that their emergency radios were totally inadequate for the conditions under which they were used. Both, because of the rugged terrain where they were operated and because the receptions were not compatible with the radios from other local fire departments. They approached the Allenspark Area club and requested a donation to purchase some radios. The Club put together a fundraising campaign and was able to raise over $128,000 dollars, enough to equip all the volunteer fire members with radios.

We also have donated money the APFD to purchase furniture and appliances for their community room.

The funds that we receive from the Duck Race will help to financially support the above activities as well as ongoing Allenspark fire department needs, as we have done for the past 49 years.

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