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Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Estes Park

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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been benefiting and influencing the Estes Park community for many years. A lot of the work we do as an organization is behind the scenes in the lives of students. Our vision is to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes and our mission is to lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.

We engage, equip and empower students at the high school and middle school level to lead FCA at their schools. This club is a community for kids to grow in their faith with each other and learn from speakers they invite to come in once a week. Coaches, teachers, youth pastors & community members all have platforms through FCA to influence the lives of students.

Another way FCA serves the Estes Park community is through our initiative to serve coaches through character coaching. Coaches are some of the most influential people in the lives of students and we train and empower character coaches as volunteers to serve alongside sports teams. Their number one job is to be seen, then be known, then be heard. We train volunteers and coaches in 3-Dimensional Coaching. This is coaching the body, the mind and the heart. We recognize that if coaches can reach the heart of their athletes, the impact they can have grows exponentially. We want to reach kids on the heart level and equip and empower coaches to do the same.

For elementary aged kids we host 'Perry Black FCA Sports Camp' in the summer. This camp exists for kids to grow athletically and spiritually by learning from empowered high school students. This is a sports ministry, as we believe one of the best ways to reach kids is through the context of sport.

We exist to be in relationship with coaches and students. I believe the mentorship and discipleship platforms we are able to create through FCA are some of the most influential in the community.

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