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Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District

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We're blessed with funds we've received in the past four years we've participated.

We purchased defibrillators. One is in our remodeled community center. One is on a fire truck which saved the life of a 40 year old neighbor!!!! A Blessing to his wife and 4 yr old daughter!!!

Since Highway 36 travels through the Pinewood Springs Valley, highway assistance has greatly increased. The jaws-of-life tool has help safely remove individuals from trapped cars off the side of the highway also.

We've purchased a skid which goes on the back of the UTV to help rescue individuals in areas challenging to access.

We've added rescue equipment along the Little Thompson River.

This year these funds have gone towards purchasing a trailer for the UTV. It has been outfitted with appropriate storage and items necessary to assist in transporting injured individuals.

The EP Rotary Duck Race has been such a blessing and we look forward to continuing this opportunity to add to needs of our all VOLUNTEER Fire District.

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